Best Child Custody Lawyer Melbourne

Child Custody Lawyer Melbourne

Heading to family court in Melbourne. Trying to win custody of your child Heading to family court in Melbourne.

An experienced custody lawyer can help you in the best way to get the custody of your child with maximum benefits to you.

Here’s what you need to know about child custody laws in Melbourne:

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Factors Used to Win Child Custody in Melbourne

In VIC, child custody determinations are based on the best interests of the child. In other words, the court places a higher priority on what’s best for your child than what either you or your ex want or would prefer.

Sole Custody & Full Custody vs. Joint Custody in Melbourne

In general, VIC family courts tend to favour joint custody when doing so is feasible. However, there are circumstances in which the court will consider and even grant sole physical custody. For example, the court will award sole custody when it’s in the best interests of the child’s emotional, mental or physical well-being.

Working out on the parenting plan for settling the custody of the child is very important if you and your partner are going through a divorce procedure. The custody lawyer can petition on behalf of you for your custody if you and your partner cannot reach an agreement regarding the custody of the child.

Contested Child Custody Cases

Melbourne child custody laws outline some specific requirements for contested child custody cases. If you cannot reach an agreement with your ex, and one of you wants shared custody, then the parent requesting shared custody needs to submit a parenting plan to the court.

Melbourne Child Custody Lawyer for Fathers

In awarding custody to a father, a court will consider the best interests of a child. A father, seeking custody of a child, should be prepared to explain in court why sharing custody with a child’s mother, does not serve the child’s best interests.

The plan should include detailed information about how the two of you will share responsibility for the following:  Your child’s day-to-day care, including an ongoing residential schedule, as well as a schedule for vacations and holidays Your child’s education Your child’s physical well-being, including routine and emergency health care Plans for resolving any conflicts or scheduling changes

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  • Child Custody Lawyers for Melbourne Dads

    dads win full child custody

    A father who wants custody of a child should continue to make regular child support payments. If a father has an informal arrangement with the child’s mother, he should maintain records such as check receipts or a written letter from the child’s mother as to the child support arrangements and what’s been given thus far.

Melbourne Child Custody Lawyers for Single Mothers

Preserving the parent-child relationship — with both parents — is another priority. The court will consider the quality of each of your relationships, as well as who has been the primary caretaker up until this point.

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