Child Custody After Divorce

BV Divorce Lawyer and Accredited Family Law Specialist Ben Miller answers essential questions about child custody after divorce and separation.

I have just split with my partner, what should occur with my children?

Where possible you should keep open lines of communication with the other moms and dad to develop a living arrangement for your children that fulfills their requirements best. It might be proper to seek help from an arbitrator or counsellor to develop a strategy.

Nevertheless, open communication between the moms and dads is not constantly possible. Sometimes there are claims of violence, disregard or a considerable quantity of displeasure between the separating couple. In those scenarios, each party must look for legal suggestions to learn what a Court would be likely to carry out and also see if a contract can be negotiated. For instance, the attorney may compose to the other party with a proposition that could suggest mediation or in more immediate scenarios the need to take the matter to Court.

What if a fair and amicable agreement has already been reached with my partner?

It is essential to formalise the contract, either through a parenting strategy or an authorization order which can be lodged to the Court. This offers security and certainty, guaranteeing that the agreement will stay in location. It is also enforceable, which indicates that if a parent breaches the agreed terms they might find themselves in hot water and back in Court.

Once the binding arrangement is formalised, it remains in location up until the children are grownups. Nevertheless, if scenarios change down the track, parents can ask the Court to make changes to the order. You will have to please the Court that something substantial has actually changed, such as a development in the kids’s lives or the arrangement no longer satisfies their desires. In some cases this occurs as the kid grows older. Both celebrations can also work out for the agreement to be changed if they believe that it not satisfies their kids’s needs.

For these factors, your legal representative must recommend anticipating future changes to a kid’s requirements as they age and build that into the agreement.

Do parents get equal time with their kid after separation?

In 2006 the law changed, giving more focus on kids having equivalent time with both of their parents. At the end of the day it depends on the specific child and their best interests.

Depending on the child’s age, their relationship with each moms and dad and the moms and dad’s ability to care for the child, then shared care on a week about basis is an alternative. For lots of families, this is not a simple plan to make work because there is often bitterness, each parent might not have the same capability to care for the child and some children don’t cope well with being away from their primary care provider for long durations.

Instead of shared care, a typical arrangement now sees the kid living with one moms and dad however spending alternate weekends, some weekdays, school vacations and special celebrations with the other moms and dad.

There is no standard kid custody arrangement, since ultimately it depends on the people and family scenarios. Children likewise have various needs depending on their age. Many elements need to be thought about.

Does the child get to pick who to cope with?
The Family Law Act says the court should consider lots of aspects when deciding what remains in the best interest of the kid. The child’s dreams and views are one of the factors to consider, but the court isn’t required to make its decision based upon that. It depends upon the kid’s age, maturity, understanding of the scenario and whether the child’s desires are their own or influenced by one of their moms and dads.

There’s no set age as to when a kid can easily choose. Some children are examined by a psychologist, who listens to their wishes and procedures that versus their maturity. This procedure is called a family assessment report.

Who are the “guardians” of the children?

The law not speaks about “guardianship” however rather “parental duty”. Most of the times, both parents will continue to have obligation for the kid which means they can both be involved in major long term decisions such as education, significant medical choices, abroad travel or religious direction.

In many cases, it is not suitable for both to be involved and one parent is provided sole parental responsibility. This is relevant to cases of abuse and overlook, where there has been a breakdown in the relationship between the moms and dad and the kid or where there is so much bitterness between both moms and dads that they will never have the ability to settle on life decisions for the kid.

Exactly what if a mum and dad does not comply with the kid custody order?

As soon as an order from the courts is in location, it is important to follow the terms of the order. If a parent selects not to, there can be consequences.

Often moms and dads don’t wish to comply with the order since the child’s dreams have changed or a situation has occurred and a parent may have an issue about the child’s security.

In any occasion, parents must constantly seek legal guidance before not abiding by the order since while they don’t want to put the child in harm’s way, they must understand that a breach might see the matter reminded court.

What about other issues associating with separation and children?
We deal with lots of matters that extend beyond where a kid will live after divorce. Disagreements about what a kid’s surname will be following separation prevails. Typically the spouse will return to her first name, so we take a look at what surname the child resonates with the most and hyphenating the name is also a choice.

Sometimes there is likewise lawsuits about what school or kindy a child should go to and whether a passport ought to be released for a kid to travel overseas. We are faced with lots of legal problems connecting to children.